Ballet and light

Russian ballet company «TALARIUM ET LUX» started in 2012. It has formed a professional dance crew comprising ballet artists from the light of Moscow and all-over-Russia theatres. It interprets a classical choreography in a modern way with accompaniment of light show and multimedia. Thus, Talarium et Lux appears to be a new light in the Big Ballet!

«Our aim is to retain the priceless cultural heritage of our country, the Russian ballet school, which is revered around the world. We believe that today, at the time of completely substituted values and total domination of pop culture, it is everybody’s prime goal to support and promote the pure High Art, -says Irina Omelchenko, the director of the theatre. — Undoubtedly, such a task isn’t easy, but we’re willing to take a risk. In order to draw attention to the classics we produce our performances in modern multimedia settings, and we’ll create new, original performances on the basis of classical traditions with integration of innovative stage technologies. «Ballet and light» is not just a word combination for us, it’s a concept for our intention to introduce the Russian ballet in a new light or perspective, the most beneficial and modern one».

The Artistic director of Russian ballet theatre «TALARIUM ET LUX» is a People's Artist of the USSR, a legendary ballet dancer, ballet master and dance coach Mikhail leonidovich Lavrovsky. For many decades he has cooperated with world most renowned ballet troupes, he continually creates new dance performances and opens new names in the Art of ballet.


Interview of the Artistic director of Russian Ballet theatre «TALARIUM ET LUX» M.L. Lavrovsky

The Artistic director of the theatre, a People’s Artist of the USSR Mikhail Lavrovsky is talking about classical ballet and the upcoming ballet premieres. Watch the details in Elena Tolstaya’s interview.

TV channel Moscow 24. Live broadcast.

Russian ballet company «TALARIUM ET LUX» is planning to produce a number of premieres a year, these will be both classical ballet shows and absolutely new performances.

The first team of the ballet troupe consists of best ballet artists, soloists of the leading theatres in Russia. The ballet dancers’ mentors are Marina Aleksandrova – a guest dance coach cooperating with San-Francisco Ballet School (USA), experienced choreographer and dance coach Yury Romashko. The soloists Sergey Smirnov, Marina Romanova, Tamara Glazova earlier participated in major performances in the Bolshoi Theatre, «Moscow Ballet» theatre, «Kremlin Ballet» and other theatres.